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<aside> ℹ️ We created and shared this template to help entrepreneurs, product builders, and teams easily document their products built with no-code tools.

It can help you to : - Onboarding new teammate

After discovering and testing our template, we hope that it will help you to build a better product for your customers.



<aside> ℹ️ Alpha Dog is just an example to illustrate this template. If this service or name exists in real life, it is by chance.


What is Alpha Dog?

The best marketplace for dogs.

Why this documentation?

Documentation is 100% part of our product. It’s not separated. It must be useful and usable so that we can improve our support, our services, and our well-being. There is nothing worse than a waste of time to find information when you need it. On this page, you will find all the information about our product. Feel free to improve it. As a member of the Alpha Dog Team, you are legitimate.

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Rules of communication 🔤

Key contacts 📞

List of tools 🔨

Design 🎨

External components and interfaces 🔌

Modeling ⏯

Frequently asked question❔

<aside> ℹ️ This template has been created by ncScale. Feel free to duplicate it and adapt it to your needs. Learn more with our article: How to document a no-code application?